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Civil Lawyer

What is meant by the Civil Law and a Civil Law Suit?

Civil Lawyer

Civil Lawyer

Before discussing all the features, characteristics, functions and significance of the civil lawyer let us first have a quick look up and a short glance at a definition of civil law and a civil law suit.

Civil Law is a system of law that was inspired by the legal system of the ancient Rome which in turn was based on the developments that took place in the field of law before the sixth century when the roman state adopted Greek as a language of government. The main feature of the civil law is that the civil law is written into a collection and coded but not decided by the judges of the court of law. In Short the Civil law progresses from abstractions devises general principles and distinguishes substantive laws from procedural laws. According to some historians the oldest legal system of civil law is the system of Ur-Nammu that was written in sumeria between 2100 BC and 2050 BC.

Civil Law Suit is a law suit filed by the sufferer in the court of law wherein the sufferer brings the legal case for financial damages against the offender or the third party for causing the emotional or physical damage to the sufferer. Victims of the criminal acts file the civil legal suits against the criminals and other third parties responsible for inflicting damage on the victims irrespective of the outcome of the criminal action. The individual who files a Civil law suit is termed as a plaintiff and an individual who is sued is termed as a defendant.

Who is the lawyer dealing in civil law suits?

A Lawyer handling the civil law suits represents the clients in the legal disputes that take place between two or more parties. These disputes involves the legal issues like personal injuries, legal contracts, property damage suits , wills,divorce,trusts,litigation,child custody,mortgages,titles and leases. The party that files the legal suit is termed as a plaintiff and the party that is being sued is known as a defendant. Lawyers handling civil law suits represent both the parties in any civil case.

Skills required by a lawyer handling the civil law suits


• Lawyers handling the civil law suits must have a great collaborative skills
• Lawyers dealing in the civil law cases must have a great sense of time management
• Lawyers handling the civil law suits must have ability to supervise the creation and care of law documents and collections related to the law cases that these lawyers deal with.
• Lawyers handling the civil law suits must have a good ability to deal in the personal injury legal cases
• Lawyers dealing in the civil law suits must have an ability of doing a nice legal research in the library
• Lawyers handling the civil law suits must have good concepts and knowledge of the applicability of the civil laws in order to prepare the briefs and to gather evidence

Educational Qualifications required by the lawyer handling the Civil Law Suits

• It is necessary to get a four year graduation in any discipline from any State recognized university or institute as it is a prerequisite condition for applying for the admission to the law school recognized by the American Bar Association
• It is compulsory to appear for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in order to get admission to a law school or a law university that is recognized by the American bar Association
• After completing three years of graduation in law the law graduate is required to clear the state bar exams or multistate bar exam in order get a license to practice law in the state court of any state
• If the lawyer specializes in the subjects like civil laws, personal injury laws, company laws, constitutional laws, divorce laws, litigations and laws of contract during the course of his/her law graduation or post graduation

Job responsibilities of the lawyer handling the civil law suits

• Lawyers handling the civil law suits observe and supervise the work of the junior law attorneys on their law suits
• Lawyers dealing with the civil law suits handle the law-related business deals on the behalf of the law firm or their client or the organization
• Lawyers dealing with the civil law matters must litigate the law suits in the civil court of law to get a good compensation for their clients or for their firm
• Lawyers dealing with the civil legal matters must be able to solve the legal problems and disputes arising in the business transactions , land deals, libel an slander and in various other commercial transactions

Importance of the lawyer handling the civil law suits

Lawyers handling the civil law suits are in great demand these days as there are great amount of disputes and a rift arising between the employees and the employer which results in the filing of the civil law suits in the court of law. So the need for the lawyers handling civil law suits arises as these types of disputes or legal battles between the employer and the employees are needed to be resolved as it would be beneficial for the proper growth and development of the company or the firm.

Thus, the career as a civil lawyer is a fast-growing and a career having great future prospects.

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