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Divorce Lawyer

What do you mean by divorce lawyer ?


Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

The Lawyer who deals with the issues of divorce specializes in the kind of law that deals with all aspects of termination of the legal marriage that includes division of future property, division of current property, problems related with the custody of the children and spousal support and all the aspects that are related with the problems of nurturing the children.

Different types of divorces that are dealt by the lawyers handling divorce suits

There are different types of divorces. They are as follows:

  • No Fault Divorce:- In no fault divorce case both the husband and the wife can seek the dissolution of a marriage without any evidence of fault on either side
  • At Fault Divorce:- In at fault divorce case it is necessary for one of the party either husband or the wife to be at fault. Most of such divorce cases originate as a result of   infidelity of one of the partners. Fault of one of the partners or both the partners play an important role in deciding the support payments and in determining the property division.
  • Mediated Divorce:- Mediated Divorce is a substitute to a litigious divorce and includes a collaborative divorce. Some of the states in USA require mediation before litigation in the matters of divorce which would help both the parties representing husband as well as wife to make a joint resolution for filing a divorce

Skills required for a lawyer in order to practice divorce suit at the bar of law

  • Lawyers dealing with the divorce cases are required to possess the in-depth knowledge of legal relationships like divorce and marriage
  • Lawyers handling the divorce cases must have a complete knowledge of state’s legal divorce procedures and must possess good knowledge of the divorce laws
  • Lawyers handling the divorce issues must have the ability of investigating and reporting the minute details regarding the divorce matters in the court of law
  • Lawyers who handle the divorce issues must  have such  convincing skills which would be successful in bringing a compromise between the spouses thus avoiding a split in relations or a divorce as divorce is a last resort
  • Lawyers handling the divorce cases must have a good ability of researching and carrying out different legal procedures successfully
  • Lawyers dealing in divorce suits must also be efficient in drafting divorce agreements,alimony,custodial agreements  and prenuptial agreements

Educational Qualifications required by the lawyer dealing in the divorce cases

  • It is necessary to get  a four year graduation  in any discipline from any government recognized university or institute in order to be  eligible for applying for the admission to the law school that is recognized by the American Bar Association
  • It is mandatory  to appear for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in order to get admission to a law college or a law university  that is recognized by the American bar Association
  • After completing three years of graduation in law the law graduate is required to clear the state bar exams in order get a license to practice law in the state court of the respective state in which the law graduate has acquired the  law degree
  • If the lawyer specializes in the subjects like divorce laws, constitutional laws and law of torts during law graduation or law  post graduation it adds to the advantage for the lawyer when the lawyer who deals with the divorce suits   practices law in the court of law

Job Responsibilities of the lawyer who deal with the divorce cases

  • Lawyers who deal with the divorce suits must be capable of representing individuals in the cases like division of property, alimony and child custody
  • Lawyers who handle the divorce cases must be able to represent clients in the probate court or in the marriage termination events in the front of juvenile courts of justice
  • Lawyers handling the divorce cases must be able to handle the task of filing and writing legal motions, legal contracts  and legal agreements to represent the interests of the clients in the court of law
  • Lawyers dealing in the divorce matters should be able to give a proper, perfect and a correct advice to the clients on the legal matters related to divorce
  • lawyers handling  the divorce issues must represent the clients in the court of law and must file motions on the behalf of the clients in the court of law

Importance of the Lawyers dealing in the divorce suits in  the modern age

Today in the modern era, fast age and due to the marital problems the issues of divorce are increasing. The main causes of divorce today are infidelity/adultery /extra-marital relationship of one of the life-partner, domestic violence, communication problem between the partners, bad martial relations (sexual problems) between the partners, more consumption of alcohol by any of the partners, personal immaturity, irresponsibility, financial insecurity and financial problems ,emotional or sexual abuse of the fairer sex, intellectual and sexual incompatibility of temperaments, mental illness, mental instability and religious beliefs are on rise today in this fast world. Also married couples are not able to give time to each other due to the stress at work place due to which their marriage life is also disturbed. So the demand for the lawyers handling the divorce cases has increased as life partners need them the most to resolve their family problems or finally seek a divorce to relieve them from the bondage of marriage and start a fresh life.

Finally we can conclude that the career as a divorce lawyer in the modern world has a great future prospects and it also would fetch maximum amount of money as a part of their salary to the lawyers dealing with the divorce issues.

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