Types of Lawyers

Honest Lawyer

Being honest to our profession is one of the most significant characteristics to achieve success. To become a successful advocate one needs to have the ability to differentiate the personal feeling and opinions from the client’s best interest and objectives. For instance, being a lawyer you have strong individual preferences as opposed to the majority, but your corporate client wants to collaborate with another organization that may result into some illegal means or dishonesty. If you are enough proficient to present all of the opinions supporting the grounds for a merger in a credible manner, then you possess the ingredients to be a proficient and honest lawyer.


If you wish to become a successful a lawyer, you need to enhance your reputation for being responsible towards your duties by effectively demonstrating your skills. You then need the potential to promote that reputation to other prospective clients.

Ethical Duties of an Honest Lawyer

There are certain ethical codes of conduct that needs to be maintained in the relevant practice rules and professional conduct endorsed under the State Legislation.

As per these rules, the lawyer needs to follow the following strategies:

  • Fulfill obligation associated with the administration of justice
  • Execute their plans by following the general principles of professional demeanor
  • Provide high standard legal services by using best of their knowledge and skills, their personal opinions should not influence their job responsibilities

Duties of an Honest Lawyer are owed in Range of category

Duty to the Court:

  • A lawyer needs to act with candor, integrity and honesty
  • Make certain that a client is aware of her or his ongoing responsibility to blunt and honest disclosure
  • Correct statements that are subsequently discovered to be erroneous
  • Being abided to their responsibilities and undertakings.
  • Provide meticulous information and make the court aware of all significant authorities in a case

Duty to the Law

Since lawyers are the integral ingredient of the legal administration in our judicial system, they need to uphold the laws and act as per them. While being engaged in the professional of lawyer they need follow the code of conduct required in their profession.

Duty to Client

  • They should act fairly and honestly in the best interest of the clients and maintain their confidence too
  • Avoid situations of conflicts
  • Interact promptly and effectively with clients
  • Understand and follow all the instructions mentioned by the client
  • Act with diligence and skill, realistic courtesy and promptness

Prohibitions for a Lawyer

  • A lawyer should not deceive the court
  • Coach a witness
  • Exploit the legal process of the court (e.g. appreciating and continuing with the proceeding of the court that is found to be faultily conceived.)

An honest lawyer has an obligation of being candid and fair while dealing with the legal opponents. For e.g. a lawyer must not represent fake and untrue statements.

Knowledgeable and Logical

Any lawyer needs to have logical thinking prospects- they should be capable to study the case history theoretically and execute it in best logical action. They should posses the potential to think something more ahead of the game and must be aware about all the circumstances of the cases, the opposition, clients and off course the law.

Persistency, Reliability and Consistency

A reputable and honest lawyer will be reliable and consistent. They should deal directly with their clients instead of giving access through their secretaries. Reliability is significant to ensure that the lawyer performs as per their commitment and their methods of execution are within the case and consistent to the format. The lawyer should be consistently championing for the client in their best interest by following all the rules of the judicial system.

Value to the Money

An honest lawyer does not need to always charge a bulky fee. Instead, he/ she should have the caliber to provide diligent service and value for your money. Fees should be assigned as per the services provide and should be affordable, reachable and unquestionably clear.

Ethics of an Honest Lawyer

Although every state and country has their individual set of ethical rules according to which the lawyers are expected to act and conduct their business, there are some common themes that are followed throughout the country. These rules of ethics usually oblige lawyers to:

  • Execute their responsibilities to the degree of a logically proficient attorney
  • Maintain the privilege of lawyer-client
  • Act within the bounds of law
  • Not engaged in any type of illegal act

These days it can be little tough to wade through the general view of what makes a honest lawyer with an aim to locate one that actually has the potential, personality, ethics and traits that make a lawyer an admirable practitioner.

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